Day 4

4 Oct

Oh what a long day! I know every day only has 24 hours, but today just won’t end!  I teach in the morning from 8:30-10:30 and then take class from 11-3:50 and then from 5-7:20….it’s a long day!:)

I did well today though! Here is what I ate:

Breakfast: Hot Chocolate

Snack:  Chocolate Crunch Bar

Lunch:  Salad with olives, carrots and dressing

Snack:  Chocolate shake

Dinner:  Chicken with green peppers and cucumbers with some Chia seeds!

Dessert:  I’ll have a brownie in a bit!

I’ve been trying to drink more water, but of course I had my diet coke for the day!!:)

Best part of the day:  Ja! Well it wasn’t my teaching observation for the day! I wasn’t even teaching today…the students were doing presentations…how do I get observed for that!   The best part was reading a story to Lola what we  haven’t read since she was a little girl.  She’s a big girl now…just ask her!;)


Day 3

3 Oct

Well, today is day 3. It’s noon and I still haven’t had breakfast!:(  I need to finish some stuff up at school and then I’ll go home and eat!

On the menu for today:

Breakfast: Hot Cocoa

Snack:  Pretzels with laughing cow cheese

Lunch:  Smore Bar

Snack:  Dark Chocolate Shake

Dinner:  Turkey with spinach

Dessert:  Brownie with peanut butter.


One year since..

1 Oct

So it has been almost a year since I started Medifast. I wish I can say that I’m 50 pounds lighter already, but alas..I am not.  I am starting this again..time #3 because I need something in my life that I can control again…yes I am a control freak!!!:) We moved over the summer from Raleigh to Iowa City and the transition has been tough and worrisome.  We rented out our house in Raleigh and living in an apartment here in Iowa.  Lola just told me in the car on the way home tonight, “can we just go home to where we belong?” I wanted to cry a little.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Iowa City. It is a wonderful place and closer to my parents, but it is not home and this apartment is not my house.  We moved so that I could start a Ph.D in Second Language Acquisition. It is going well, I guess. I only really love one class this semester so I think that is making the reason for moving a bit more difficult. I hope next semester is better.  

Now for Medifast….well my mom started the diet and has lost about 40 pounds and looks wonderful!! She has done so good and now I need to get back with it.  I started up again last week and lost 7.6 pounds so it was a good week, but I’m about 5 pounds from where I was before we moved here.  Hopefully, I’ll be there in a few weeks.  But I figured that maybe writing about this again will get me more motivated.  

As for my thyroid..or lack thereof…things seem to be going well. I finally have an appointment in a couple of weeks for an ultrasound of my thyroid. It has taken almost 2 months to get into an endo here….blah..another blah moment about the move…I went to quickcare to see about another problem and they sent me straight to the ER and scared me to death…

Alright…so I need to get back on board with this!!! I know there are quite a few of you who have been losing weight too so CONGRATS!! We’ll get there!!

Best part of today:  Taking a nap in the middle of the day…when was the last time that that happened?? Never!

Day 2

6 Mar

So, I didn’t weigh in today, but I will tomorrow morning.  So far, today, has been relatively good. I went to Body PUmp and Body Flow this morning and then we went to Target to get some glasses…ours keep getting lost in the dishwasher…Lola got some popcorn and I got a Diet Coke and ate my peanut butter chocolate bar.

When we got home, I ate a small salad with some pepperoncinis and then about an hour ago, I made a very tasty Frosty!  It was a chocolate pudding pack with 1 teaspoon of cream cheese, vanillla, water and ice.  YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! I’m going to order some more puddings just to make a frosty.  When Lola wakes up from her nap, we are going to go back to Target to get a sandwich maker…yes, Ezra, I know you will like this too, but I want to see if I can make some “bread” with some of the soup packets that I have left over.  I’d love a grilled cheese for lunch. Here is the website where I’m getting my inspiration to keep going:

So this is the plan for today:

Breakfast:  Cappuccino

Mid Morning:  Bar (and about a handful of popcorn)

Lunch:  Frosty and 1 c lettuce with pepperoncinnis

Mid Afternoon:  Tomato flatbread with cheese

Lean and Green: Turkey burger and turnip fries (

Late Night:  Brownie

When I woke up this morning, I was ready to get back into this! I hadn’t felt like that in awhile!

Day 1 of startover

5 Mar

Well, not an entirely bad day, but not very good either. For breakfast, I had hot cocoa at around 11am. I wasn’t feeling good in the morning and was worried to eat because if I got sick, my students will just leave and then class would be cancelled…so I just waited til my break. Then at 4, I ate a chocolate crunch bar and a coffee, and now here comes the bad part…Lola and I went to Whole Foods and I got some tofu..about 8 cubes of it…oh so yummy.  When we got home, Lola and I danced it out in the frontroom for about a half hour and then I made dinner, asparagus and one small piece of fish. I had to subtract my tofu from my lean portion for dinner.  I’ll probably have a shake around 8 and then a brownie around 10. I need to eat every couple of hours, no matter what! I do better on Tuesday and Thursday when I don’t have to teach.

So I guess I’ll weigh in tomorrow and take some measurements…ugh…but next week wi be better! Plus I’m going to the gym tomorrow for Body Pump and Body Flow. They only do free daycare for 2 hours so I always have to leave during the end of Flow, but all they do is close their eyes and completely relax…so maybe not so much calorie burning
lost so its okay. Alright…until tomorrow!

The Lola moment of the day: after dancing in the living room for awhile, Lola goes to her room and comes back completely naked holding her princess dress and her tiara…its moments like these that make me smile!

Two months away and…

4 Mar

It’s been two months since my last post and for the past two months, I just haven’t been feeling the diet that much and I don’t know why.  It works so well and I know that it works, but during Christmas I ate so much “real food” (which really means fat, processed, sugary shit) that going back to good, healthy, nutritious food has been a challenge.  I still eat one or two medifast meals a day and usually do really good the first 3-4 days of the week and then I just basically give up.  NOw, the good news is that I have added in a lot more exercise (usually 5 days a week at least and usually 2 hours on T/TH.  I am 3 pounds heavier than I was in January…the worst news is that I am 1 pound above “one” derland. I thought I would never see another 2 on the scale in my life. Ugh!  I’m not making excuses for the weight gain, but I also haven’t been blogging about this journey and one of the principle reasons for starting this blog was to keep me accountable for my actions. I did so well when I was writing about how I was doing each day, so I’m going to get back into it again. This HAS to be it!  I do not have time to mess around with this anymore.  I am going to grad school in the fall and most likely I will be a TA again and will have ZERO dinero so I won’t have the luxury to be able to afford this diet in August so I have to get it together now!!  And hopefully, these next couple of months will show me how to eat right again.

In some other fabulous news, my mom started the diet and is 3 weeks in and has lost 12 pounds and she is feeling great!!  She LOVES the banana creme shakes!

Best part of today: Coming to the realization that I need to stop CHEATING and just get it done so I can move into the maintenance phase sooner and eat real food again…but REAL food, not the fatty sugary crap! I’ll update the stats on Tuesday when I weight in.

Results are in

29 Dec

It was 11:02pm.

I was anxious as I typed in my username and password on the patient portal and my heart was going a mile a minute and then I read this:

“Your whole body scan revealed expected uptake in the thyroid bed. There was no evidence of distant metastasis. Great news! Hope you have a Happy New year.”

 I’m just overcome with emotion and joy and can finally take a deep breath. Of course, I cried as I let it out because I feel that the gray cloud above my head just opened up to a bright blue sky.   It is the BEST feeling. I think I’m going to sleep well tonight!

Thanks for all of your messages and support! Yeah for 2012! I’m smarter, skinnier, stronger and healthier! 



Body Scan

28 Dec

Well, I started good on the Medifast on Monday and Tuesday, then today, I felt like crappola all day, starting from 6am….ugh. I had my full body scan at 7 and it lasted about an hour.  I think I was initially a bottle of nerves, which made my tummy upset, but I’m still not feeling really good. The scan was pretty uneventful.  I laid down on a table and this scanner type thing slowly..and I mean SLOWLY moves from your feet to your head and then from your head to your feet, but under you.  Then they took some extra pictures of my neck area.  It lasted just under an hour.  Hopefully, I’ll get the results later this week.  Nerves and stress make me sick and I think that is what is happening.  I need to sleep and not worry about what the results are going to say.  I will deal with the results as they come, whatever they may be.

As I was walking to my car this morning, I thought about why they call cancer a battle.  This is so obvious, but I never really put much thought into it, and it just hit me this morning.  It is a battle because it never really ends, no matter how your scans and tests come out.  It is always there in your mind because maybe it will come back or maybe the RAI isn’t effective or or or…the “what ifs” for me is a battle.  I have gotten MUCH better at controlling my thoughts, but they are still there.  And so, while I was taking the 10 second walk to my car, I thought, “well, if the scan isn’t what I am hoping for, I’ll deal with it and we’ll do the next step.”  It’s a battle.

Only a few more days until 2012.  What are your plans?  

Christmas came and went

27 Dec

Merry Christmas again!!!! Back on plan, too! This is what Instead yesterday:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Mid morning: 1cup of salad, 1 teaspoon dressing,  fruit and nut bar
Lunch: chili cheese puffs
Mid afternoon: nothing 😦
Dinner: roasted veggies and leftover ham
Snack: brownie with 1tsp peanut butter

Today, I have eaten a chocolate chip pancake and scrambled eggs.  I’m going to make the chicken noodles pizza to eat for the rest of the day and have a kale salad with a salmon burger for dinner.

The challenge…a very BIG challenge…it’s the holidays, we have family in town and we like taking them out to eat to different places.  I am really trying to be strong and eat right.  This probably will be the hardest week I have had.  We also have lots of yummies around the house…cheese, tortillas, ciabatta bread, cookies, chocolate…oh my.  We went to Target yesterday for the clearance sales…nothing too good, but they had so much chocolate and candy in sale.  Normally, I would buy a whole bunch, but I only bought one thing of chocolate bark and put it in the freezer for NYE.

Tomorrow is my first post surgery scan.  I’m nervous because I do not know what to expect, but anxious to know the results!

Hasta mañana!

I’m coming out of isolation today!

23 Dec

Well, it is about 830 and I am ready to go home! I probably won’t leave here until 12 or so, just to be on the safe side.   I’m looking forward to eating a salad today with creamy, buttermilk ranch dressing!

I think I may venture to the mall today too.

The effects of the RAI weren’t that bad, maybe because mi dosage was so small.  I didn’t feel my neck swelling, so far I still can taste my food, no pain in my salivary glands ‘( I’ve been massaging and eating sour candy and chewing gum and drinking lots of water). On day 2, I did wake up with a slight headache and a little tired and felt warm, but nothing extreme. I do have a slight soapy taste in my mouth.  I’ll let you know how it goes for the rest of the week.  I know the focus of my blog has shifted a bit over the last month, but I’m just hoping that someone else who has ThyCa can read this and know more about the process.  It is super scary, but I was fortunate to find some websites and special friends that helped me through the first round. I can’t say that these special friends are just my “ThyCa friends” anymore, but have become my real Friends and hopefully we will get to be able to meet one day!

On Dec.26, I’ll start back on Medifast. I will probably have some today when I get home, but I’ll be back in full force on the 26th, and I’m sure I’ll take dinner off for New Years….either Chinese or Lebanese…I vote Lebanese…it seems to be our tradition over the last few years! Oh wait, we are spending New Years with a friend of mine and she’s Italian…hmmm…I wonder what we will have. I told her I’m bringing something gooey!

But in weightloss news, I am pleased to say that I can now wear a size 14 pants! They are comfortable, but will be even more comfortable with about 5 pounds less of me in them.